Sunday, August 8, 2010

Links for VIP dinners and the other free food gifts!!!

This is my favorite link!!

I use this link too but you have to friend the account first before you can receive the free gifts!

I seldom use this link but it also helps :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dominate Cafe World!!!! I will share my secrets on how I went up 5 levels in one night even without cooking :)

It all started when a neighbor of mine hooked me in a challenge..she was at first 10 or more levels behind me. I felt so sad and anxious about how she just went up from level 72 to 85 in one day! omg..

I started to ask a friend neighbor for any advice as to how can I level up much much faster. Because if you just cook and cook, well you can move up a level in 2 or 3days..that wouldn't be good for me then. Here's some of her secrets :)

1. always collect VIP dishes or can be VIP garden salads

2. visit neighbors everyday using CAFEWORLD BOT and you can find the link in here.

3. the more neighbors you have the more points. the Bot will visit neighbors for you. I have more than 200 neighbors for now..everyday I get 30,000+ points

4. If you have a lot of spices especially INSTANT spices don't waste it with just some dishes in the cookbook. You can use the bot to cook the Gingerbread House which will give you 1000 cafe points each. don't forget to put hundreds of Power Salt.

5. As much as possible serve those expensive dishes rather than the cheap ones to earn more coins. Coins is very useful for moving up too..I will tell you later how..

For now, you can try these tips first..tell me if it works for you!